Eco-friendly Sandwich Panel for Sound Damping in Electro-mechanical Systems

Technology Overview

In recent years, rapid development of state-of-the-art equipment in offices, hospitals, shopping malls, food-courts, residential apartments, modern buildings, transportations and other manufacturing industries lead to serious noise pollution, which has significant adverse effects on the personal health, environment, productivity, reliability of electronic systems and other mechanical structures.  Nowadays globally, particularly in Singapore sustainable development and productivity become an increasingly significant goal in the evaluation and promotion of electro-mechanical systems used in buildings, working environment and manufacturing industries. It is imperative to produce cost-effective and environmental-friendly materials that can reduce noise pollution replacing the traditional synthetic materials like polyurethane foams which are toxic, poor mechanical strength, inability to absorb sound and control vibration at low frequencies, difficult to recycle and result in a fast landfill.

Technology Features & Specifications

A novel eco-friendly, mechanically stronger and injection moldable composite sandwich panel for sound damping in electro-mechanical systems are developed with the following characteristic properties: 

  • Multi-layered design to absorb sound and vibration at both high and low frequencies
  • Injection moldable and 3D printable layered structures
  • Mechanically stand-alone structures
  • Polymer resins and fillers can be used from natural materials
  • Tunable sound, vibration, mechanical and heat absorption properties

Potential Applications

  • Injection moldable, 3D printable and mechanically stronger sandwich panels for sound damping in electro-mechanical systems
  • Commercial application of sound damping and vibration control materials for other manufacturing industries

Market Trends and Opportunities

A prototype of acoustic damping components with tunable properties suitable for:

  • Electronic systems and/or components
  • Heavy machinery
  • Manufacturing Factories
  • Buildings, Construction and Renovation sites
  • Food courts and Hotel kitchens
  • Automobiles, Rail, Air and Sea transport vehicles

Customer Benefits

  • Design flexibility and modular
  • Cost-effective fabrication methodology
  • Sustainable and recyclable material structures

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