Edible Barcodes for Food Source Assurance and Sanitation Assurance

Technology Overview

The technology provider has developed a cutting edge solution for (1) food source assurance and (2) sanitation assurance:

  • The technology consists of an edible, odorless, tasteless, invisible “barcodes” that are applied directly to the food during processing to ensure rapid, accurate traceability back to the source. This enables source verification in case of recall or adulteration in minutes.
  • The technology serves as food safe pathogen surrogates that validate, verify, and monitor the effectiveness of the produce washing process. They provide a reliable, repeatable, continuous, fast, on-site test performed on finished product by assessing decontamination and risks of cross-contamination.

The technology is patented and it is FDA recognized as GRAS (Generally Regarded as Safe).

Technology Features & Specifications

The technology is a complete solution: consumables (DNA-based barcodes), reader, dispenser, and web-based application for barcode generation, storage, and analysis.

The technology can be used to verify the source of the food:

  • use with fresh produce, protein, processed foods, liquid and dry goods
  • easily apply with standard coating steps or as ingredient
  • highly stable past normal product shelf-life
  • recover and test in minutes anywhere with handheld device
  • cloud-based data retention​

It can be used to verify the purity:

  • use with most liquid and dry foods
  • easily apply before or after extraction, refinement, milling, blending

And it can used to verify safety:

  • use in sanitation and produce wash systems
  • easily apply during normal operations
  • verify process and safety of finished product
  • in-plant testing

Potential Applications

The solution is able to handle vegtable produce, olive oil, honey, and other premium foods, nitrate fertilizer, grains, milk, leafy greens.

Market Trends and Opportunities

Source assurance: market size > $2 billion. Few mature technologies, many small vendors
• Value Proposition: the only on-food source verification

Sanitation assurance: market size > $2 billion. Only competitors are live, non-pathogenic bacteria, rejected by the industry.
• Value Proposition: the only positive control food safety system

Customer Benefits

Source assurance:

  • Protect premium brands by detecting and deterring counterfeiting and adulteration
    • Washington - apple producer, California - olive oil producer
  • Verify Sustainable sourcing of key ingredients and increase asset utilization
    • Top 3 global chocolate producer verifying sustainable sourcing of palm oil and other raw materials
  • Reduce misuse risk through rapid traceability
    • Deter unauthorized use of ammonium nitrate fertilizers

Sanitation verification:

  • Monitor effectiveness of produce wash process
    • Assess decontamination and risks of cross-contamination
    • Get results in minutes rather than days through on-site testing and analysis

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