Efficacy Study for Skincare and Personal Care Products or Ingredients

Technology Overview

In-vivo efficacy study is not only important for regulatory purposes; it also helps to distinguish a product/brand and appeal to consumers more convincingly among the myriad of cosmetic products out in the market.

Efficacy study provides scientific clinical data to substantiate safety and labelled claims, and can be done for both skincare and personal care products and ingredients. An efficacy study consists of the designing of clinical testing methodologies, running of clinical tests, and an evaluation report on the claim(s). This technology is for the evaluation platform for such efficacy studies and related experts.  

This technology may be attractive to skincare and personal care brand owners and manufacturers looking to strengthen product branding or improve product efficacy.

Technology Features & Specifications

The technology is a platform to evaluate skincare and personal care products and/or ingredients, especially on Asian samples.

Efficacy studies include anti-aging test; anti-inflammation and anti-sensitive test; whitening and brightening efficacy; and ski-n hydration barrier function. Safety evaluation and sensory evaluation for new products are also available.

Potential Applications

The efficacy studies can support skincare personal care brands and products on labelled claims, by substantiating with evidence their effectiveness in clinical settings in trials. 

Customer Benefits

With the efficacy results, brand owners can distinguish themselves from competitors and appeal to consumers convincingly. The technical report from clinical trial can also support the scientific research of the product. Consumers can also consider the clinical trial/evidence to set up their skincare or personal care regime.

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