Embeddable Image Enhancement Technology

Technology Overview

This UK technology is a new image enhancement technique that provides automatic and unobtrusive enhancement of colour video streams, including high-definition, with negligible latency and distortion.  Delivering natural colour video enhancement for adverse viewing conditions including mist, rain, fog, atmospheric distortion such as sandstorm and low light. The technology is a “switch-on-and-forget” technology which has been tested in a wide range of application and is protected by international patents.

The technology is already on the market and is available for demonstration.

Technology Features & Specifications

The system works by reversing the underlying image degradation by estimating the level of scattered light for each pixel and performing appropriate subtraction.  Using an air light estimation algorithm provides a completely new level of correction performance and one which could strongly differentiate an imaging product from others in the market. Because the system works essentially by subtraction, it is possible to process video with minimal latency by using information derived from previous frames.

Potential Applications

The potential areas where the technology can be deployed include:

  • Safe Cities
  • Highways
  • Tunnels
  • Maritime, Ports
  • Border Control
  • Airports
  • Railways, Trams, Underground
  • Navigation aids – Aircraft, Trains, Road Vehicles, Ships
  • Emergency vehicles and Rescue Services
  • Utilities – Water, Power
  • Offshore
  • Underwater inspection
  • Outside broadcast TV – Air, Sea and Land
  • Aerial surveillance
  • Military applications – battlefield, submarine, surface, airborne
  • etc

Customer Benefits

The advanced image enhancement algorithm used in the system has recently been ported to a Digital Signal Processing (DSP) System-On-a-Chip (SOC), the AM5728 processor from Texas Instruments. This makes it possible to embed in other systems.

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