An EMI Shielding Paint

Technology Overview

The invention is the preparation of an electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding paint. When coated on the interior and exterior surfaces of non-metallic small articles or large installation enclosures, it provides EMI protection. The paint developed is environmentally friendly, chemically stable, light weight and good corrosion resistance.  

Technology Features & Specifications

The EMI shielding paint has been tested and applied to a prototype article and wherein high EMI shielding efficiency is achieved.The EMI shielding efficiency is 30 to 50 dB (99.9% to 99.999%) in the frequency range from 15M to 20G Hz and above. The EMI shielding paint has high shielding efficiencies, broad shielding frequency range and good corrosion resistance. It is cost effective and easy to use as well. In summary, the invention has a high shielding efficiency over a wide working frequency range and uses a simple process to apply.

Potential Applications

The EMI shielding paint developed has a high potential for application to electrical & electronic facilities, hospitals, transportation system, telecommunication system and buildings. This coating can be easily applied on to the internal and external surfaces of articles and installations to protect electrical, electronic & IT products, medical devices, telecommunication systems, aerospace and electric trains from electromagnetic interference. 

Market Trends and Opportunities

EMI is an unwanted disturbance caused by electromagnetic conduction and radiation emitted from electronic equipment. EMI may also cause adverse health effects to human. Many diseases have correlated positively with a high exposure to electromagnetic fields. International directives and global technical standards have been issued to enforce the regulation of EMI emission. An increasing number of countries have enacted strict EMI control measures in telecommunication, medical, and transportation equipment. All electrical and electronic products and systems are now required to comply with the EMC and EMI standards. There is a high demand for its use as a result of the regulatory requirements.

Customer Benefits

The EMI shielding paint has the following benefits over the state-of-the-art. : Lighter and has better corrosion resistance than metallic filler based shielding coatings. Does not require tailored injection moulding process to produce shielding casing and housing unlike when preparing conductive plastics. Simple to apply under ambient condition and does not require temperature and pressure control and UV radiation. Can be conveniently applied to surfaces of any shape by brushing or rolling at ambient conditions. Has a wide working frequency range for EMI shielding from 15M to 20G Hz and above.

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