Emotion Artificial Intelligence

Technology Overview

We area leading provider of software solutions for facial expression analysis and emotion recognition. Using advanced image processing and computer vision algorithms, we analyze facial expressions and read emotions with high precision in real time from face images or video. Applications ofour technology are manifold, ranging from audience measurement, targeted advertising, and customer satisfaction to training and education, human resources, security, or healthcare. The strength of our algorithms lies in distinguishing subtle expressions and providing fine-grained emotional insights at a low computational cost. Our solutions are available as standalone software or software development kits (SDK) on Windows, Linux, and Android OS, as well as single-board PC and mobile platforms.

Technology Features & Specifications

We area spin-off from the Advanced Digital Sciences Center (ADSC), a joint research institute between the University of Illinois and A*STAR Technology based on 5 years of R&D Most precise emotion measurements using circumplex model of emotion versus competitors Best-in-class Artificial Intelligence (AI) for subtle expressions proven with customers Real-time + long-term audience data = intelligent decisions Intuitively capture large crowd mood to optimize customer experience

Potential Applications

Applications of our technology are manifold: Media & Advertising industry to use for analysing buyer emotional reactions to videos and ads, improve targeted marketing and sales campaign. Digital Out Of Home (DOOH) for audience and context-aware signage displays that leverage the emotion of audience behaviour. Talent recruitment in emotional analysis with Pre Employment Screening, Assessment Testing to Increase accuracy. Gaming to understand gamer emotions and adapt to create more immersive games and providing gamers ability to drive gameplay with their emotions. Automotive and taxis for emotion of drivers and passengers, integrated into infotainment systems and Advanced Driver Assistance Systems. Retail Act as retail associate to assist shoppers, greet customers at the store entrance or customer service desk. HospitalityInteraction with hotel guests, creating a unique and engaging hotel experience. HealthcareMonitor and analyse mental health emotion, hyper-connected devices, smart technology analyze and measure track emotions sense, measure and analyse wellbeing. IoT Emotion AI Cognitive intelligence and emotional intelligence end device from surveillance, fridge emotion, wearables and TV. Robotics with emotional intelligence, making them truly social, empathic and more effective. Engage and able to sense human emotions and adapt their actions accordingly in real time. Education with measure of real-time learner emotional responses to educational content. Public Safety by adding another layer to security at malls, airports, sports arenas, and other public venues to detect malicious intent with emotion detection. Entertainment to identify customers’ mood when at entertainment venues.

Customer Benefits

Objective, quantifiable measurements and insights from the reactions, mood, experience, satisfaction of users, customers, audience.

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