Enabling the Autonomous World for Everyone

Technology Overview

Our company believe in an open world in which everyone has access to a data infrastructure – an open world created through a shared data platform that helps form partnerships and unlocked value for all, ultimately increasing the capacity to advance businesses, society and humanity.

Our company are building systems that connect billions of devices and data points in real time, with a mission to make everything in our surroundings smarter, faster and more efficient.

For this new world to work for everyone, we believe the infrastructure should be based on an open data platform instead of in corporate-owned walled gardens. Your data should always remain your data, and the cost of entry should not be a mandatory free transfer of ownership.

Technology Features & Specifications

MAP DATA - Harnessing the Power of Location Data

Maps are constantly evolving, as our definitions of mobility and location change. Customers now recognize that building living maps is a complex task as the real world changes up to 25% annually. This is a big data problem. In fact, it’s one of the biggest data problems in the history of humanity. Getting access to the data is one challenge, but how the data is organized to make sense of it is another in itself.

Automotive OEMs, businesses and governments require the most accurate maps available. Thus, they need experts who understand how maps are changing in terms of industry dynamics and how the world moves, who are leaders in map building, and who offer the highest quality content in terms of accuracy, the speed of delivery and auto-grade quality, as well as a broad product portfolio.

Our company has been at the forefront of matching these very specific client needs for decades. In 2005, our company started building a new type of map that augmented the base map by adding highly accurate features of road geometry, such as height, slope and curvature. Ever since, the company has continued to add more layers, including HD accuracy, lane-level precision, and tile-based mapping service.



A comprehensive platform that solves the problem of fragmented and disparate data sources in a collaborative environment, enabling businesses to monetize their most valuable asset: data.


           Access a comprehensive and highly accurate global repository of location data.


           Enable your business to connect with innovative new location-centric products.


           Monetize your location-centric assets on the marketplace.


           Develop location-centric products and services.

Potential Applications

Map Content Suite

The Map Content Suite is built on this passion and expertise, and provides cutting-edge mapping solutions for a variety of industries – from automotive, to logistics, to city infrastructure, and beyond. Using global location data that is accurate, rich, fresh, and complete, you can deliver more valuable and beneficial experiences to your customers.


OTA Connect

Our OTA Connect is a highly secure, open OTA software management solution, designed specifically for the automotive industry to transfer data, software and firmware in a cost-effective and scalable manner. This technology enables software-based vehicle updates and upgrades that can reduce costly recalls, introduce new on-demand functionality for user satisfaction and pave the way for new revenue opportunities inside of the vehicle.

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