An End-to-End Database Homomorphic Encryption Layer

Technology Overview

Our technology is a database encryption solution that provides per-column encryption granularity and enables operations over encrypted columns without ever sharing private keys with the database server. Our technology is a result of years of meticulous research done within Cyber Security Lab of a university in Singapore. We are able to provide this functionality by putting together many well-established cryptosystems and secure data processing techniques and making them work together in a seamless way. Leveraging the deep integration with the query language and the database protocol, our technology is fully transparent to the application and could be installed and deployed in a plug-and-play manner.

Technology Features & Specifications

Our technology based on homomorphic encryption can support any SQL database system. It currently supports Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL and MariaDB. Upcoming plans include supporting Oracle and PostgreSQL. Our technology is a cross-platform product written in C# and .NET Core and distributed as a Docker container.

  • End-to-end database encryption made easy
  • Encryption keys never leave safe perimeter
  • Fully query-able data homomorphic encryption
  • Zero downtime migration
  • Partial or full encryption of the database
  • Enables a safe path to public clouds and regulatory compliance.

Potential Applications

Our technology could be applied to data infrastructure of organizations of any size and industries to encrypt and secure their data.

Market Trends and Opportunities

Database security market is rapidly growing. At the same time, data breaches become more and more often (e.g., SingHealth case that affected over 25% of Singapore population). Our technology can make data breaches exponentially harder and therefore less likely for those who deploy our technology in their infrastructure.

Customer Benefits

Customers who choose to use our technology can have guaranteed data confidentiality even in case of full database compromise. This alleviates risks of migrating data infrastructure to cloud and even fog computing platforms. This can also help companies of regulated industries to meet compliance requirements.

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