Engineered Arginine Depleting Enzymes as Multi-potent Anti-cancer Agents

Technology Overview

The engineered arginine depleting enzyme (ADE) can be used to treat many types of cancers, including those that are difficult-to-treat, drug-resistant or metastatic. It is believed that this engineered ADE is more effective than conventional immunotherapy or chemotherapy methods in treating some cancer patients. The engineered ADE has also been shown to have synergistic effects when used with other drugs, such as chemotherapeutic agents.  

Technology Features & Specifications

  • The engineered ADE demonstrates excellent in vivo performances in treating cancers of the liver, pancreas, breast, etc.
  • It is also capable of treating cancers that cannot be cured with conventional medication in a safe and effective manner.
  • Based on a proprietary production method, this engineered ADE is generated using site-specific pegylation of selected enzyme and has a much longer circulating half-life.

Potential Applications

  • The engineered ADE drugs are designed for treating cancer, including solid tumor and hematological malignancy.
  • The treatment can be prepared as injection formulation for intravenous injection.
  • This engineered ADE drugs is expected to be easily handled by medical doctors and healthcare professional in the hospitals.
  • The researchers are seeking companies to commercialize this potential  anti-cancer agent.

Customer Benefits

Compared with the arginine depletion drug ADI-PEG 20* on the market, this engineered ADE can be potentially more advantageous in terms of patient safety and medical efficacy. It can be the best-in-class kind of drug. Besides, animal studies prove that our engineered ADE can kill cancers that are resistant to ADI-PEG 20.


*ADI-PEG20 is the first drug based on arginine depletion. Phase III clinical trial of the drug on liver cancer patients has completed.

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