Environmental Friendly Magnetic Plasma Reactor for Solid Waste Treatment

Technology Overview

The companyis an environmental technology provider to general & hazardous waste industry, food & beverage industry, horticulture,agriculture and farming industry introduces our highly advanced magnetic plasma system as an alternative green solution for handling and clean reduction of solid waste. The innovativeMagnetic Plasmasystem uses plasma technology to convert all municipal and organic waste into concentrated recyclable ion ceramic ash, that can be re-used for road and building construction or as organic compost for planting and landscaping. The system operates at low temperature in the absence of oxygen and uses magnetic field to generate negative ions to break down all organic matters. Any inorganic matters such as metals, glass, stones will be segregated and filtered out from the system in its original form for further recovery. The all-in-one compact unit provides end user a low cost hassle free waste management solution without the need for a separate waste segregation and water treatment system.

Technology Features & Specifications

1. No fuel (eg diesel, gas) required for operations 2. No air emission or chimney outlet 3. Compact with small footprint, unlike traditional incinerators.Decentralised On-site handling anddestruction of solid waste, with high efficiency volume reduction 4. Containerised in 10 foot or 20 foot shipping containers for easy mobilization and demobilization 5.Low operating and maintenance cost 6. Removes waste toxicity and converts to recyclable by products 7. Green Design

Potential Applications

The various types of solid waste that can be treated using the system includes: 1. General waste industry - various municipal waste, food waste, plastic waste 2. Hazardous waste industry - oil sludge, pathogenic/medical waste, chemical contaminated waste, waste containing phenolic compounds, silica compounds, ink/dye compounds, 3. Pharmaceutical industry - expired drug, vaccineand packaging waste 4. Food & beverage industry - food waste from residential/commercial/industrial, food and beverage sludge from manufacturing, packaging waste 5. Horticulture,agriculture & farming industry - dead plant parts, trimmings from plants and trees, animal manure, poultry & slaughterhouse waste, harvest waste 6. Electronic waste industry - all types of electronic waste including household appliances, chips and devices, mobile phones 7. Automobile industry - tyre waste, oil filters, air filters

Customer Benefits

The magnetic plasma system is a new generation, compact system for decentralised waste management using cost efficient green technologies that does not produce toxic by-products or contributes to air pollution and landfill. It does what it does best, thermal disintegration using minimum energy and footprint to solve the problems of waste handling on site, high cost of point to pointlogistic transportation, manual intensive waste segregation, risk of disease infections, and most importantly carbon emission.

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