Face Recognition Solution

Technology Overview

The facial recognition solution is based on more than 10 years of vision work to design a state-of-the-art system coupled with neuromorphic artificial intelligence to detect and recognize multiple faces in milliseconds with more than 98% accuracy. The solution provides a platform to integrate into industry for commercialization requiring nothing more than a camera for vision on the edge.

Technology Features & Specifications

The technology uses a combination of deep neural networks and edge computing to deliver speed and accuracy in identifying faces from frontal and at 30-degree angled face detection. The current solution uses a camera for vision, GPU power for processing and edge AI for recognition. We will deliver at the next stage an on-site on-device solution.

Potential Applications

A multitude of possible applications with vision can be implemented including:

  1. Security camera for residence and buildings
  2. Entry and exit control
  3. Smart IoT devices
  4. Smart home control
  5. Identity authentication


Market Trends and Opportunities

The surge of A.I. and growing presence in technology is no stranger to us and facial recognition is one such enabler for commercialization and enabling companies to add AI to their provisions and services.

Customer Benefits

The benefit to customers, especially in Singapore, is that we can integrate the solution to their products or services easily and all data collected will belong solely to the customer.

Our company is developing artificial intelligence on many fronts to various applications for industry use. Our research partners in the U.S. and Singapore are also our value-added team of specialists to address development and research goals.

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