Face Tracking and 3D Face Filters

Technology Overview

Use Face Tracking Technology to detect facial features and emotions in real time. Face Tracking can be used to add filters like hat, moustache and glasses automatically in photos and audio-visual effects in videos. These effects respond to facial emotions and actions such as an opening mouth, jaw drop, smiling, blinking eyes, pouted mouth and many customized gestures.

Face Filters works with any real-time camera feed (both front and rear cameras).


Technology Features & Specifications

  • Real-time face tracking on a live camera feed
  • Get a 3D face model with details such as head pose, face landmarks (chin, nose, lips, inner and outer mouth contours, eyebrow contours, face contour)
  • Lightweight technology optimized for mobiles
  • Pre-defined 3D facial filters and maps
  • Virtual 3D headgears, glasses and hats

Potential Applications

Face Tracking enables end-users to explore how a lipstick, eye shadow or eye-brow liner looks on their faces in real time using their smartphone. A standalone tablet/app at the store will help users to choose several styles before actually trying the products on their skin. This is particularly helpful for cosmetic brands to stay ahead with the recent trends in the market.  

A hair salon or makeup clinic usually have wallpapers with different hairstyles and hairdos for their clients. A customized app will show how a user looks in different hairstyles before actually getting the hairdo.

A particular and interesting security solution is to hide a person’s identity. Face Filters helps to hide/disguise a person’s identity either through CCTVs or bodycams using facial masks where it is necessary to monitor, but not important to know the identity of a person.

A fun use case will be to use the technology to transform a person into a movie star, animal or swap the face with a friend. 

Market Trends and Opportunities

Face filters apps particularly popular with teens and early adopters. Snapchat has popularized the usage and brought the technology to the mainstream. We believe there are potential uses for face filters beyond fun and entertainment.

Customer Benefits

Our technology is currently being used in the pre-installed camera apps by two very popular mobile OEMs and used globally in millions of Android smartphones. We can build a white-label app for many of the use cases where face-tracking helps to change/beautify a person’s face with makeup or a mask.

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