Fast and Cost-efficient AI Platform to Optimise Combination Therapy and Media Formulation

Technology Overview

The current approach to drug discovery is hypotheses driven, and combination therapies have preset biasness from a few factors such as mechanisms of actions, literature reviews and scientific panels. This results in one lead molecule usually only being tested with one to two other drugs for particular indications. The team holds IP that allows assessment of hundreds of drugs with lead molecules that are tested and validated against multiple indications through a proprietary AI platform. This platform, combined with automated experiments and proprietary arrays, allows for optimal drug discovery more effectively and efficiently.

The technology is also applicable for media formulation, whereby optimal media for bio-processes/cell culture can be designed using the platform.

Technology Features & Specifications

The technology is a combination of a proprietary AI platform, automated experiments and proprietary array design. The platform allows for identification of optimal combination therapies and media conditions in a much faster and cost-effective manner. The team was able to demonstrate results with significantly fewer number of experiments relative to traditional high throughput screening.

The platform is applicable for both in vitro and in vivo research studies.

Potential Applications

  • Optimal combination therapy development with lead molecule
  • Optimal media formulation with identified growth factors

Customer Benefits

Customers (biotech/pharmaceutical/healthcare companies) benefit in a few ways:

  1. Reduced costs. The costs incurred to do a HTS on a particular lead molecule will be directly proportional to machine run time, storage, drug use, and cell line use. With our methodology, we reduce direct costs significantly.
  2. Faster results. We are able to provide faster results by running fewer experiments to derive the optimal, and that translates to our collaborators being able to act on their research programs in a more agile and flexible fashion relative to traditional approaches.
  3. Optimized therapies. Our technology allows customers to derive the best combination therapies/media conditions.

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