Fast and Cost-Efficient Querying and Analysis of Population-Scale Data Sets

Technology Overview

Genomic database-related initiatives such as FinnGen, UK Biobank, 100.000 Genomes England and the Million Veterans Program are producing genomic data on a population-scale. Current solutions on the market cannot provide instantaneous results in queries made across data sets of this size and magnitude with high cost-efficiency.

Our technology is a genomic data management and querying solution that combines population-scale scalability, ultra-high performance and cost-efficiency. The cloud-based solution enables working with massive genomic datasets in real-time while maintaining low operating costs.

Our technology is aimed at pharmaceuticals, research groups, population-scale programs and data researchers of various sizes from small to large, which work with large sets of genomic and clinical data. We are a Finnish company that developed this technology and it is currently being implemented with several clients and population-scale programs.

We are looking for:

  • Companies and research institutions that face the challenge of managing and analyzing large amounts of (population) data
  • Regional representation to represent the company and its solutions
  • Investors of the company

Technology Features & Specifications

Our technology provides near real-time query capabilities for large population-scale data sets, for a fraction of the cost that other solutions provide. Researchers, data specialists and (bio-)informaticians can receive their results in seconds, rather than hours if not days, compared to competing solutions, yet for only a fraction of the costs.

This technology is a cloud-based solution that can be integrated with external applications for added flexibility.

Potential Applications

With the rapid growth of clinical, genomic and other omics data globally, near real-time querying of vast amounts of data becomes more important, yet costs need to be contained within reasonable levels. This technology enables fast, yet affordable query capability for pharmaceuticals, research groups and population programs.

Our technology is currently deployed in pharmaceutical and national population-scale research programs, utilizing large clinical and genomic data sets for new insights in health and medicine development.

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