Fast Switchable Colour Tinted Smart Glass

Technology Overview

The technology described herein is related to the development of a transparent film which can be attached to windows to enable changing of the tint, colour and temperature characterisitics of windows instantly. This technology transforms windows by enabling people to control the natural light and infrared radiation entering buildings. Controlling natural light reduces glare and sets the right lighting level for comfort. Controlling infrared and light lowers energy consumption for heating, cooling and lighting. Changing the color sets the mood and aesthetics of a room. The technology provider is seeking for technology licensing partnership with glass manufacturers and glass processors to use this technology for smart glass applications.

Technology Features & Specifications

Key features of the technology is listed below:

  • Fast switching smart glass technology - Less than a second
  • Infinite tints, IR control: maximizing building energy savings
  • Tune-able specification for varying applications
  • Pixelized film enables transparent, low power, flexible displays

The most fundamental value proposition of this technology is that it produces a wide range of colour and there is existing market demand for color smart glass solutions. This technology also allows infrared control and fast switching. All combined these capabilities lead to end customer unique selling point of :

  1. Better/more efficient building energy control
  2. The possibility of windows as electronic displays. 

Potential Applications

This technology can be applied on glass for the following applications: 

  • Automotive
  • Buildings
  • Aircraft

Customer Benefits

  • Only switchable color smart glass
  • Saves buildings 40% of energy costs
  • Up to 10X lower cost for smart glass

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