Fish Farm Monitoring System

Technology Overview

This technology aims to monitor the water quality in real-time to ensure that fishes are farmed in optimal conditions at all time. A prototype system was built to demonstrate the features of control and monitoring capabilities needed for a fish farm. Water quality issue is a challenge for aquaculture as water has direct impact on the health of the fishes. Hence, water quality parameters must be monitored and controlled to ensure that the aquaculture system is optimum. The technology contributes to better fisheries management and environmentally sustainable aquaculture by using the latest control technologies.

The technology proposes the control and data communication architecture to achieve the required monitoring specifications. The main control system includes Programmable Logic Controller (PLC), Human Machine Interface (HMI) and IoT gateway. A prototype system was implemented with the latest process sensors and transmitters needed in a fish farm. Additionally, the system also implemented an auto-alert function with Email and SMS notifications to a user. The alerts generated allow the user to have an instantaneous action required for the water parameters from the control tolerances. The system is also attached with a web camera to enhance the monitoring solution with visualization capability.


Technology Features & Specifications

Technology features:

  • PLC control provided with efficient programming and maintenance capability
  • HMI screen provided with easy user-interaction, graphics and real-time data display
  • Fieldbus communication with Modbus+, Modbus/TCP, Profibus PA and Ethernet
  • Integrated sensors/transmitters used to monitor various parameters of Temp/DO/ORP/PH 
  • IoT Gateway to generate real-time notifications to users
  • Automated process of data collection and historical trend of parameter changes

Potential Applications

The potential application areas are:

  • Fish Farm Monitoring Solution and Improved Control System
  • Agriculture Process Solution and Data Management


For Fish Farm management:

  • Alert and reports water quality degradation 
  • Automated monitoring process for various important parameters
  • Real-time data collection for timely response to incidents
  • Remote access and notification for timely expert's intervention

Customer Benefits

The customer can benefit from:

  • Productive operation of the fish farm
  • Effective maintenance of instruments
  • Optimal water quality as specified resulting in higher yield rate


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