Flexible and Transparent Graphene Microheater

Technology Overview

Microheaters are devices which are capable of rapid localised heating within a micro-scale region. The combination of high response and a compact architecture allows for the generation of temperature gradients, leading to the use of microheaters for a variety of applications such as in microreactors, and chemical and environmental sensors.

Conventional microheaters are generally rigid, opaque or both. The use of graphene as the heating element allows the microheater to be transparent and flexible, making it suitable for use in optical detection in lab-on-chip devices, wearable electronics, electronic skins and more.

This technology offers a transparent and flexible graphene-based microheater of a higher electrical resistance than conventional metallic heaters, and thus can be effectively powered by wearable energy harvesters. Through an optimised design, it is also able to achieve a uniform temperature distribution and an 80% higher heating temperature than a conventional graphene microheater.

Technology Features & Specifications

This technology comprises of following features:

  • Large area graphene heater with thin but effective passivation layer that improves heating power by 80% compared to conventional graphene heaters
  • A transparent and flexible microheater that functions under strain
  • Proprietary heater core design that ensures temperature uniformity with no hotspots within the <150 µm active region
  • Graphene heater has resistance in the order of 100kΩ, allowing for effective powering by nanogenerators
  • Low power consumption (mW) to obtain temperatures greater than 200°C
  • Fast response times: < 3 seconds to heat up to 200°C

Depending on the requirements, the technology may be modified through geometrical and material alterations to achieve the best results.

Potential Applications

This graphene microheater may be used in many applications, but not limited to the following:

  • Portable/personal wearable devices
  • Lab-on-a-chip
  • Environmental sensors
  • Chemical and gas sensors
  • Microfluidic with heating systems
  • In conjunction with biomechanical energy harvesters

Customer Benefits

  • Functional while being transparent and flexible
  • Large area passivation improves the lifetime performance of the graphene heater
  • Easier to fabricate than conventional heaters
  • Fast heat up time with minimal temperature variations
  • Effectively powered by energy harvesters compared to metallic microheaters

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