Flexible Electric Skin

Technology Overview

A thin layer flexible electric skin can detect force applied on it. The skin’s electrical resistance varies with applied force, and there is a relationship between the resistance and applied force. By measuring the skin’s electrical resistance, the applied force can be obtained. The skin can be made stretchable to cover irregular and curved surfaces.

Technology Features & Specifications

-Force detection ranges: 0.1N to 30N

-Single sensor repeatability: less than 10%

-Sensor to sensor repeatability: less than 15%

-Stretchability: customizable

-Skin size: customizable

-Skin shape: customizable

-Communication protocol: customizable

-Communication port: via digital IO, UART, USB, Bluetooth, and WiFi

-Data storage: SD card or other storage media

-Working voltage: DC 3-5V, or customizable

Potential Applications

In an environment where humans and robots coexist, the electric skin covered on a collaborative or service robot can help detect collisions with human and objects, and stop the robot immediately once a collision force threshold is reached. This can create a safer working environment.

Customer Benefits

- Flexible and easily customizable skin for irregular curved surfaces

- API under Windows, Linux, ROS available for customers to develop various applications

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