Flexible, Semi-transparent, Lightweight and Thin Perovskite Solar Cells

Technology Overview

The company has developed inkjet-printed perovskite solar cells. The combination of the innovative technology and unique perovskite features gives exceptional advantages over traditional silicon-based systems.

The company offers solar modules that are flexible, lightweight, extremely thin, and can adjust to various surfaces. The transparency level and shapes of the solar modules can be customised. On top of that, the perovskite solar cells operate well when the exposure to light is limited and under artificial lighting conditions.

Many sectors require a lot of freedom in design or are restricted by access to sunlight. The excellent versatility of the products unlocks multiple opportunities for generating additional power. The company is primarily focused on partnering with companies in the following sectors: commercial and industrial construction, Internet-of-Things (IoT), urban architecture, transportation, and space.

Technology Features & Specifications

  • Solar modules produced at the pilot line will be up to 1m2.
  • Flexible, transparent foils are currently being used as substrates for the perovskite cells to be inkjet-printed on.
  • Weight of modules is approximately 500 g/m2.
  • Total thickness of the module depends on the substrate and encapsulation technology, which is defined by the application (solar cell is around 1 micron thick).
  • Initial conversion efficiency of the solar cells is expected to be around 10% on one square meter.
  • Product lifetime is expected to be several years.

Potential Applications

  • Industrial rooftops, office windows and facades
  • Urban furniture
  • Boats, cars and drones
  • Autonomous sensors, personal electronics
  • Rovers, spacecraft

Customer Benefits

  • Innovative and environment-friendly solution
  • High adaptiveness (broad range of possible applications)
  • Power generation under low and artificial lighting conditions
  • Economical and scalable production

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