Floating Sub-Surface Aeration System

Technology Overview

The patented technology provider specializes in retrievable fine bubble aeration systems for wastewater treatment plants of any size and design. The company is able to offer complete and customized solutions through their unique Floating Fine Bubble Aeration system. A floating aeration system using fine bubble diffusers that approaches the challenge of biological wastewater treatment by marrying the strengths of surface aeration technology – easy to install and accessible for maintenance - with the efficiency of sub-surface fine bubble aeration systems.

The custom-made systems are suitable for upgrading existing plants or introducing additional oxygen to current systems, with no need to drain the reactor or stop the process. The removable modular units are easy to add/remove/re-position as the process demands, do not require a levelled floor and can be installed and maintained while the plant is still functioning. The company's technology has been proven in WWTPs worldwide.

The technology provider is looking to license the technology or establish partnerships or collaborations with local industries to service the regional markets.

Technology Features & Specifications

The provider's retrievable fine bubble aerators offer a variety of solutions to meet your aeration demands. The modular units, floating and non-floating allow for bespoke solutions in any wastewater application. The equipment is simple to install and easy to maintain saving you time and energy. Efficient design and high quality materials make the units a reliable and long lasting solution even in aggressive environments.

The system incorporates units of robust stainless steel equipped with stainless steel tubular fine bubble diffusers (other materials available on request) and a balancing system of UV resistant polypropylene floats. A wide range of membrane materials are available (EPDM, PU, Silicone, PTFE, etc.) to suit your specified conditions.

Potential Applications

The technology is suited for any industry requiring aeration.

  • Water Treatment
  • Wastewater Treatment
  • Industrial Wastewater Treatment
  • Surface Water Remediation
  • Aquaculture industry

And for the following applications:

  • Aerated Lagoons
  • Upgrading facultative lagoons to aerated lagoons
  • Upgrading anaerobic lagoons to aerated lagoons
  • Reactors with uneven/non-solid floor
  • Reactors with sludge build-up
  • Reactors with obstacles on the floor (pipes, pumps, mixers, etc.)
  • Installation above existing fixed to the floor diffusers
  • Water bodies – lakes, rivers, wells
  • As a supplemental aeration system when extra oxygen is required
  • Existing reactor with levelled floor (concrete/steel)
  • New-build reactor

Market Trends and Opportunities

A growing need for the refurbishment of old infrastructure, demand for new construction, and increased wastewater treatment services are the key factors catalyzing the growth of the global wastewater diffused aeration system market. Increasingly strict environmental regulations are also boosting the penetration of diffused aerators. A slew of new regulations, such as the Urban Wastewater Treatment Directive in the European Union, provide growth opportunities to the diffused aerators market by pushing up the demand for aeration equipment in wastewater treatment facilities. The market revenue of diffused aerators is projected to witness two-fold growth in the next five years from 2015 as its penetration is increasing in most of the developing countries.

Customer Benefits

Fine Bubble Diffused Aeration is deemed the most efficient method for aerating wastewater, but maintenance of traditional systems is costly both for the plant and the environment as the systems are fixed to the floor, the reactor must be drained in order to carry out any inspection or maintenance of the diffusers. With this technology, the units can be isolated and each one lifted out of the water individually without having to stop the process of the system as a whole, thus enabling the plant to continue running.

  • Installation in any lagoon/reactor with no need to stop the process or drain the wastewater
  • Can be installed next to your existing aeration system with no need to modify or change your plant's infrastructure.
  • Modular system- possible to add, remove or relocate units with no downtime
  • Simple and quick installation
  • Our diffusers are levelled just above the floor 
  • Different air flow rates can be supplied to individual units
  • Good floor coverage
  • No guide rails required for installation
  • Custom-made for any type of reactor or lagoon at every scale of operation

As well as being a technology provider, the company's engineering expertise offers its clients a complete solution, from pre-sale consultancy services through to post-sale support. The technology is internationally patented and the provider is certified to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards which will allow the partner or licensee to have the quality assurance and the ease of penetration into new markets and regional markets.

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