Games to Practise Repiratory Rehabilitation Taking the Flow from a Medical Device

Technology Overview

The solution presented consists of a number of games that patients (mainly children) can play, and thus practising rehabilitation. The solution includes the software, games, flute and service (training, maintenance, hot line support) Patients and mainly children do not have motivation to pratice respiratory rehabilitation with traditional exercisers. Adherence to the treatment in this processes is a key factor of success. Online follow up of the rehabilitation process reduces transport and face-to-face meetings in hospitals and time consuming activities by physicians. Target users of the solution we are bringing is Hospital profesionals or rehabilitation profesionals. We are seeking partners to develop the market in Asia.

Technology Features & Specifications

Patient practices respiratory exerciseswith a flute which isconnected to a computer and coverts the flow into data information through an algorithm,that allows to manage the characters of different games. Patient sessions data and evolutionis displayedto the physicians and doctors computer and allow them to customise the treatment online. Adherence to rehabilitation treatment is improved significantly.

Potential Applications

This product is intended to be used in pre- and post- rehabiliation processes for temporary or permanent causes (thoracic surgery, excess post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC), cystic fibrosis, etc) and chronic patients. Traditional rehabilitation products are well known and clinically accepted world wide, having a market size of about 5 million units per year. This solution is going to complement this traditional products together addingvalue when necessary. Other application will be monitoring and diagnostics of respiratory issues, where the existing products are further expensive and ussually there is no electronic data registered.

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