Gamification for Teaching Financial Literacy To Children

Technology Overview

This technology is a gamified mobile piggy bank for kids which helps to save money and teach financial literacy. The main issue is that nobody teaching the kids about money: How the financial system working, what is the deposit, banking cards or credit loans. This is why we come up with our idea to create an app, that helps understand finances and save money for your goals.

Technology Features & Specifications

  • Mobile application
  • Provides financial services for kids
  • Personal financial advisor
  • Gamified format of learning 
  • Personal financial management
  • Virtual banking
  • API's for banks. 
  • Pre-paid card for children with unique parental controls.
    • To set up a goal and save money for a long term plan
    • To transfer money between parents, child, and friends.
    • Technology allows parents to make an immediate money transfer both to children card and direct to their mobile “piggy bank”.
  • Learn more about finance in a game format.

Potential Applications

  • Banks and payment services.
  • Ability to operate as an independent application.

Market Trends and Opportunities

Our market research shows us that market is potentially growing. During the customer development process people said they like that kind of application. And it is proved by our active 10,000 users. On our future development we will provide the opportunity to make payment transactions inside of the application and also gives the possobility to earn money inside of the app.

Customer Benefits

  • Personal mentor in the financial world
  • Digital piggy bank
  • Unique content for financial education for children
  • The exciting game may be integrated with banking services

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