Glass-Coated Magnetic Microwires Sensor Transducer

Technology Overview

This unique glass-coated magnetic microwire transducer (Φ ~ 3-70 µm) is sensitive to temperature, mechanical stress, changing magnetic fields, and other physical modalities (position, electrical current, etc.). The microwire transducer is small in size, robust, multifunctional, yet simple to manufacture. 

The principle of operation measures magnetic hysteresis signature that correlates to physical quantities into time measurement. This makes it easy to digitalize and is not influenced by voltage noise. Digital readout can be obtained by a contactless coil reader connected to handheld devices like a smartphone. 

The miniaturized sensor is suitable for a wide range of applications in industry, IT, IoT, robotics, medicine, etc. The microwire can be attached to concrete, rubber tyres, metal alloys, carbon fibre, or coated with bio-compatible layer for invasive medical devices, etc.

Technology Features & Specifications

1.         Dimensions – allow introduction of microwires inside various materials and structures without affecting their mechanical properties

2.         Glass-coating – enhances protection when used in chemically aggressive environment

3.         Magnetic nature – allows contactless sensing

4.         Low power consumption

5.         Simple measuring process– e.g. they can be connected to the mobile phone without additional electronics

6.         Magnetic bistability – sensors are always in saturation. Hence the external magnetic field does not influence measurement.

7.         Long operation life – due to the magnetic bistability – when sensor brakes breaks, two sensors are obtained (like with a magnet) that continue working

8.         Multifunctionality – microwires can sense temperature, stress, humidity  or defects

9.         Temperature range – from -273 to 600°C

10.       and much more

Technology provider seeks opportunities for R&D collaboration, manufacturing licensing agreement. 

Potential Applications

1.         Objects identification - imperishable and uncopiable codes for spare parts or any IDs (like a barcode or RFID/chips, but better);

2.         Structural health monitoring of composites and other materials – ideal for aviation or automotive;

3.         Non-destructive testing of composites and other materials – for labs, aviation and automotive;

4.         Stress sensing in constructions and composites – new types of buildings, or long term measuring of roads or railways;

5.         Position sensing;

6.         Sensing temperature, pressure, air flow, etc. in medicine In vivo, like a contactless measuring airflow mask, or smart titanium implants;

7.         Hardware Random Number Generator

8.         Particularly suitable for IoT, IoE, Industry 4.0 and SMART world;

All the above applications are validated, but we still seek opportunities in each sector. 

Market Trends and Opportunities

The microwire technology has unique properties and is easy to manufacture. The proprietary production process makes it low-cost and easily customize to suit various applications.

Customer Benefits

1.         We make your material smarter;

2.         Measurement and testing of materials/constructions that have not yet been possible;

3.         Sensors last hundreds of years without degradation;

4.         Easy digitalization and signal processing;

5.         Simple application;

6.         High investment return for customer;

7.         Environmentally friendly;

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