Glycemic Index (GI) Lowering Composition for Refined Carbohydrate Staples such as Rice, Bread and Noodles for Diabetes

Technology Overview

Glycemic Index Lowering Composition (GLC), is an advanced food additive technology, customized to product needs. Available as rice-grain shapes and food powder, it can be added easily to refined foods to lower their glycemic index without changing the taste, appearance, texture and smell of the product. The glycemic reduction is dosage dependent. For instance, just a 9% replacement of rice with GLC rice grains reduces the glycemic index (GI) of Jasmine Rice from 109 (high GI) to 68 (medium GI). The effect is also similar for Japanese Rice. This GI reducing technological solution is also applicable to bread, buns, noodles etc. 

Technology Features & Specifications

The technology allows diabetic patients to enjoy carbohydrates with causing a sudden increment in their blood sugar levels.              It is: 

  • White powder/ White rice-like grains
  • Glycemic Index lowering
  • Fibre enrichment
  • Clean label
  • Gluten free
  • Does not change taste, appearance, texture and smell of final product
  • Efficacy in glycemic index reduction of food has been proven both via in-vivo and in-vitro
  • Natural Plant Derived

Potential Applications

Applicable to staple foods such as refined rice, noodles, breads and buns-

The GLC can be applied into everyday food staples such as refined white rice, white bread, buns and noodles. 

-Also suitable as a nutrition supplement-

The GLC can also be blended into supplement mixes or be used to form standalone supplement products.

Customer Benefits

Manufacturers can easily introduce diabetes-friendly refined carbohydrate products which consumers already love. Instead of using wholegrains for diabetic-friendly carb foods that may result in only targeting the niche customer segments due to its less refined taste and texture, GLC technology enables food manufacturers to easily offer diabetic-friendly refined carb foods, and continue to target the masses by selling glycemic reduced and fibre enriched refined foods. Being a functional food with diabetic benefits also presents opportunities for higher margins and also provide for meaningful differentiation in retaining and capturing consumers.

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