Hands Free Electrolarynx

Technology Overview

Patients who lose their voice box after a laryngectomy (surgery to remove the larynx in the throat), usually due to throat or larynx cancers, need to use an external medical device known as “Electrolarynx” as a mean to speak again.

An electrolarynx is a non-invasive electro-mechanical hand-held gadget that has a vibrating plastic diaphragm. When this vibrating diaphragm is pressed onto the patient’s neck it produces a vibration in the throat that duplicates the function of the vocal cords. Thus, this allows the patients to produce a voice and clearer speech even when simply articulating his/her tongue, palate, throat and lips.

 An innovative hands-free wearable electrolarynx device has been developed with aesthetic appeal and ergonomic design.

Technology Features & Specifications

Our proposed ergonomic hands-free electrolarynx is a well functional, fully integrated and yet compact device equipped with:

•      Innovative voice actuator design which is lightweight and consumes less current during operation

•      Convenient dual charging mode which enabled wired and wireless charging mode

•      Easy voice activation via Bluetooth control

Potential Applications

Laryngectomees (patients whom have their voice box removed) who have problems mastering the oesophageal speech or do not wish to use voice prosthesis could adopt the hands-free electrolarynx to restore their speech. The device could be promoted by following entities to benefit users:   

•      Hospitals

•      Rehabilitation centres

•      Laryngectomee support group

Customer Benefits

Improve laryngectomees’ quality of life:

•      Boost their social confidence

•      Remove the stigma and challenges of the illness

•      Opportunity of a renewed life

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