High Accuracy Global Navigation Satellite System

Technology Overview

Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS), a generic term for satellite navigation systems that provide autonomous geo-spatial positioning with global coverage. This positioning system supports multiple global and regional GNSS navigation satellite systems for improved precision in positioning (as good as 5mm on stationary objects), faster time-to-first-fix positioning, and better redundancy during signal blockage (cloud & buildings).

Tracking devices available in the form of name card holders and ruggedized vehicle trackers.

Technology Features & Specifications

The system supports a combination of GNSS Systems such as GPS, GLONASS, and Beidou. Simultaneously computing signals from multiple systems reduces or eliminates the signal degradation, resulting in improving the accuracy. 

The system is designed to accurately identify a point in space. To do this, the system includes a stationary receiver as a base reference that accounts for a change in weather systems and other signal distortion. An accurate location of a tag is determined with reference to the base receiver, providing high accuracy of 10cm deviation.

The system has also been proven to be more resilient than GPS is to radio frequency reflection from metallic walls. 

Key Differences between this system and GPS:

  1. This system consists of at least 2 receivers - a base receiver covering 120km radius (frequency selectable), and a receiver tag
  2. This system provides positioning accuracy up to 10 cm (moving objects), compared to 1.5 meters by a GPS system
  3. Accuracy as be as fine as 5mm on stationary objects


This GNSS system comprises of the following:

  1. Fixed Base Station: Coverage Area 120KM Diameter
  2. Tracking Tag (Personnel / Assets / Vehicles)
  3. Backend Cloud / Server: Tracking Algorithm / Data Storage / Analytics

Potential Applications

Potential Application:

  1. Unmanned Vehicles Tracking and Navigation
  2. Drone Navigation
  3. Outdoor Personnel / Assets Tracking 
  4. Military Applications
  5. 2nd Generation Electronics Road Pricing
  6. Vessels Tracking in open sea

Customer Benefits

This GNSS system has the advantage of:

  1. No Infrastructure investment necessary,
  2. Wide, high-accuracy coverage of 120 km radius
  3. 3-dimensional Tracking / Locating 
  4. Tracking / Locating Accuracy up to less than 10cm on moving objects

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