High Performance Anti-Fouling Membrane

Technology Overview

The biofilm inhibitory effect of bismuth-based compounds on bacteria is well documented and has been researched on extensively. This innovative and cost effective anti-fouling membrane can be used in the treatment of various types of waste water. The membrane itself can be modified or changed to suit various applications. The proprietary bismuth chelate synthesis and membrane manufacturing method is easily scalable and only requires low investment cost.

Technology Features & Specifications

This technology essentially comprise of the steps for synthesizing bismuth chelate and the manufacturing of the membrane from the synthesized bismuth chelate in simple and cost effective process.

The synthesized bismuth chelate is highly effective at very low concentrations against a wide range of bacteria or other microorganisms that tend to accumulate on the surface during operation of the membrane. The bismuth chelate is able to last for long periods of time and will significantly reduce the cleaning requirements for the operator.   

Potential Applications

This innovative technology has a wide range of industry applications that utilizes membrane materials or processes.  

  • It can be used in the treatment of various types of waste water especially in MBR or AnMBR configurations that has high fouling potential.
  • It can be used for membrane-based sensors to prolong sensor life
  • It also can used wide range of industries that has very challenging feed waters e.g. Paper and pulp mills, Brewery or Food processing companies, Oil & Gas industries.
  • Air purification 

Customer Benefits

This technology is a passive and low cost solution that will benefit all manufacturers and users of membrane applications. The users will enjoy the following:

  • Prevention of biofouling which will extend optimal membrane performance 
  • Low operation cost due to reduce cleaning and chemical requirements
  • Low investment cost
  • Easily scalable to industrial scale
  • Ability to obtain large amounts of purified water with low energy consumption
  • No adverse effects on the environment or human health.

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