High Precision Atmospheric Flow Field Optical Measuring Instrument for Meteorological Environment Monitoring

Technology Overview

There is physical interaction between the aerosol particles and air turbulence. Atmospheric turbulence affects aerosol particle motion and in turn aerosol particles drag along the turbulent air movement. When atmospheric visibility (extinction coefficient) and atmospheric turbulence are detected, interactions between them should be taken into account. The conventional measurement of visibility and turbulence intensity are discrete procedures administered by different instruments. This can introduce measurement error as the two assessments are not synchronized. To accurately measure visibility and atmospheric pollution diffusion under the mutual interaction between atmospheric particles and atmospheric turbulence, the newly developed technology was invented to simultaneously measure the visibility and turbulence intensity with the same equipment.

Technology Features & Specifications

The technical innovations of the invented technology are as follows: based on the transmission principle, the high-precision atmospheric flow measuring instrument adopts a new type of LED light source and a laser source. A new theoretical algorithm for the characteristics of LED array and double laser wavelength is proposed; the method of high precision and low drift signal detection has been developed. The calibration for atmospheric visibility and atmospheric turbulence monitoring system is optimized. A new process is adopted to ensure the stability of the prototype under different atmospheric conditions; and a long baseline laser transmitting and receiving alignment system is designed and developed to ensure accurate alignment of launch and reception.

Potential Applications

The equipment is mainly used for monitoring atmospheric visibility and flow field in the areas of meteorology, atmospheric environment, airport control center, traffic in the air, sea and on land. The system is able to provide scientific monitoring data to governmental departments such as the transport department and the Observatory, research scientists for academic study, the public, etc.

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