Highly Secure 3-Factor Voice Authentication and Signature

Technology Overview

This technology is a patented 3-factor in 1-touch Voice-Biometric solutions for Secure Authentications and Voice E-Signatures.

It is an Integrated Cloud Security Platform allowing the following:

  • Authenticate transactions using only your voice
  • Audit trail helps to eliminate fraud
  • Play back the user’s voice clips for any transactions
  • Authentication logs show the date and time of the transactions

Technology Features & Specifications

What is 3-Factor ID Voice-Biometric Integrated Cloud Security?

  • 3-Factor authentication in 1 touch
    1. Who are YOU? – your VOICE
    2. What YOU know? – your SECRET PASSPHRASE
    3. What YOU own? – your PHONE

What is Required?

  • Requires no hardware other than a phone
  • Does not need to be a smartphone
  • Does not use SMS
  • Does not require another device, e.g. hardware token
  • User receives a call instead of placing a call

Potential Applications

Our patented product has wide range of applications in the ongoing cyber-security threat and huge Internet-based fraud cases.


  • BFSI (Banking, Financial services and Insurance) sector
    • Any high secure Authentication to the system either for customers or employees
    • Any high secure Transactions  in the system either by customers or employees
  • Call Centres / Contact Centres
    • Highly secure Authentication by customers or call centre agents / employees
  • Similarly for various Industries such as:
    • Hospitals / Clinics - Medical Privacy (for accessing confidential patients' data or similar information from the system with audit trails)
    • Telecom / Internet Service Providers (ISP)
    • Others (attendance, document signatures, document access over network, Virtual Private Network (VPN), secure room access, smart locks, etc.)

Market Trends and Opportunities

Our technology will save many industries from the serious fraud and hacking attacks going on across the globe

  • JP MORGAN suffered the BIGGEST SECURITY BREACH in US history
    • Impact of the BREACH: 83M+ USERS 
    • Cost of the BREACH: 12B+ USD
    • As a result JP Morgan DOUBLE their BUDGET: from $250M+ to $500M+ per year

MOBILE BANKING opens up many NEW SECURITY VULNERABILITIES from machine attacks : In India at least $76/user records were compromised.

The mobile Biometrics market is projected by 2020 to be $33.3 billion at 66% CAGR.

Customer Benefits

Current Problem: With regard to passwords and tokens (both hard and soft tokens), people using easy-to-remember passwords make systems less secure, and carrying hardware devices are inconvenient. A study reveals that only by integrating identity management can systems be made secure.

Objective: All previous attempts at biometrics in network security failed because systems were complex and difficult to use. In general, the tighter the attempted security the harder it became for ordinary non-technical users to use the system. With our innovative and patented process flow invention which initially centers on voice and voice phone calls, we have a great opportunity to deliver value in the form of HIGH security and HIGH ease of use (no more tokens, no more passwords, using natural business processes where voice, speech and a secure phone network are used)


  • No new devices, use customer’s existing devices
  • No need to remember passwords
  • A detailed Audit Trail for the authentication and transactions

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