Identity Authentication with Electrocardiography (ECG)

Technology Overview

Besides health and wellness indicators, an individual’s electrocardiogram (ECG/EKG) signature is unique and can positively identify an individual.

This software algorithm is a unique Electrocardiographic (ECG/EKG) authentication technology for user identification. A person’s unique heartbeat is filtered, amplified and processed by an algorithm to derive a unique authentication signature. On top of authentication signature, the software algorithm also provides health and wellness indicators (e.g. stress, anxiety, fatigue) of the individual.

Technology Features & Specifications

The authentication solution is accurate and cost-effective. For high-security authentication, it gives superior false-accept and false-reject ratio.

The signal is acquired through the conductive material in contact with the person. With the signal acquired, the algorithms use digital filtering to condition and remove signal noise, then feature extraction and dimension reduction to derive a suitable ECG pattern.

Technology has been demonstrated with multiple materials from dry electrodes, silver chloride, ITO, conductive leathers and conductive fabrics. The signal can be acquired from different parts of a body (e.g. head, chest, wrists, fingers, lower back) supporting a wide range of applications.

This technology is provided as a licensable software algorithm library. The technology provider seeks co-innovators and developers in exploring niche and emerging applications.

Potential Applications

Embedded into devices, this technology can pair the human to the device and verify an individual’s identity for multiple use cases including authentication, wellness information, payments, insurance, logical and physical access and many more; whilst building up highly valuable data.

Embedded into Automotive, this technology can build an extensive eco-system that could pair the human to the machine and verify an individual’s identity for vehicle entry/vehicle ignition, authenticate the user for connected payments and insurance policies, deliver live driver/passenger wellbeing feedback, provide liveness detection for autonomous cars whilst building highly valuable personal data.

  • Automotive
  • Fintech
  • Wearables
  • Access control
  • E-Government

Market Trends and Opportunities

The biometrics market is set to grow from $15bn in 2017 to over $35bn by 2021. ECG biometrics is the leading emerging biometric technology as 1st generation biometrics (fingerprint, IRIS, facial recognition) become the target of ever easier hacking and spoofing. ECG biometrics also have many commercial applications across multiple industries within the Semiconductor, Automotive, Health & Wellness (wearables), Industrial, Intech, Healthcare and Government/Cyber Security industries.

Customer Benefits

Biometrics authentication technology includes fingerprint sensing, voice and iris. This technology provides accurate ECG sensing algorithm available for licensing.

Fast Identity Online Alliance (FIDO) Certification, a widely recognized standards-based interoperable authentication certification programme, is in progress.

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