Image-based Food Testing and Quality Grading

Technology Overview

The technology leverages Artificial Intelligence to generate accurate, actionable insights and predictions for food commodities at the simple click of an image. The smart phone-based solution, backed by a pioneering image processing AI, digitizes the grading or inspection process using images of the commodity sample. 

Agricultural value chains are often characterised by a lack of transparency – farmers cannot ascertain the exact the market grade of their produce and consequently face difficulty pricing it. Similarly, commodity buyers’ assaying practices are rudimentary and time consuming and are plagued by inhomogeneity, human error and a general lack of confidence for the quality report.

The company work with food retailers, food processing and agricultural trading companies, as well as providers of commodity testing, inspection and trade finance services.

Technology Features & Specifications

Mobile: smart phone-based solution makes it mobile and implementable at various locations

Easy to use: easy to use UI works with most smart phones of camera 8MP and above

Configurable: easy to configure defects classification (from major defects to minor defects or normal) as per organizations quality norms

Analytics enabled: coupled with web based dashboards for actionable insights and alerts

Supply chain traceability: using additional inputs like GRN number or invoice number, trace goods across your supply chain

Versatile: can be trained on variety of commodities, including grains, fruits and vegetables, spices, etc. wherever the quality, or lack thereof, has visual parameters

Potential Applications

Food retailers

  • Real-time, objective accept/reject decision at procurement centre
  • Degradation/ infestation monitoring throughout supply chain, all the way to the consumer
  • Retain/remove decision at customer display in retail store
  • Re-use/dump decision for unsold stock

Commodity trading companies

  • Real-time grading decision at spot markets
  • Integrity assessment at procurement center, warehouse or at dispatch
  • Pricing predictions

Food processing companies

  • Real-time, objective accept/reject decision at procurement centre
  • Degradation monitoring of perishable inventory during transit and production

Testing & Inspection Companies

  • Substantially quicken any process that requires visual inspection
  • Share tagged images with customers, when required
  • Ability to provide on-site service for visual parameters

Customer Benefits

The technology provides the following advantages:

  • Cost savings: reduce costs with accurate and instantaneous grading
  • Removes subjectivity: removes manual biases, subjectivity and errors
  • Analytics and quality reports: at location, seller, checker, warehouse, customer levels
  • Global single standard: can be used across the globe by multiple agencies

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