Image-based Search and Analytics Tool for K-12 Academic Content

Technology Overview

It is extremely difficult and expensive for students today to find relevant learning resources. Traditional search engines are unable to handle K-12 content due to equations, symbols and diagrams. Furthermore, only academically better students have the contextual knowledge to navigate the flood of information online. Miao Technology provides a universalimage-based search and analytics solution to this problem. Miao's technologyallows end-users (students and educators) to instantly access personalised relevant content simply through taking a photo of the question. This allows any student or educator to acccess the most relevantarticles, videos, similar questions and solutions, VR content and more without any contextual knowledge. The technology is also capable of identifying key K-12 knowledge nodes within user queries and provide individual and organisational analytics. Miao's technology is currently being test-bedded on an open beta on the iOS store. To date we have over 25,000 beta testing users and have resolved more than 100,000 unique question requests with a 95% satisfaction rate. Miao is currently only available for K-12 Mathematics. Other STEM subjects are currently still under development.

Technology Features & Specifications

Miao Technology is the first technology service in the world offering an image-based search for K-12 academic content. It is capable of extracting key K-12 knowledge nodes from question images as well as identify similarity between different questions. This is done through proprietary Machine Learning (ML) andNatural Language Processing (NLP) algorithms. Regardless of content complexity, the service returns results within seconds.Input content can range from simple equations to long paragraphs of text with diagrams. Miao can also provide individualised and organisational analytics for users, allowing content providers and educational institutions to continuously optimise their content offerings and teaching methods. By using Miao as the main interface for users to acccess content, users can instantly access the most relevant content instead of navigating a maze of content on knowledge bases. It also makes it highly convenient and rewarding for users to access information through simply snapping a photo. No specialised knowledge is required to use this service.Thesepresentaclear advantage over traditional search services which are difficult for many users to use. Miao has a stable machinemodel for K-12 Mathematics, and is currently prototyping machine models for other K-12 STEM subjects.

Potential Applications

Image-based content access for holistic offline-to-online experience Content providers can pair online content with their offline content through Miao's technology. Students and educators simply snap a photo of offline content (e.g. textbook, practice book) to seamlessly access exclusive online content. A dynamic Machine Learning approachallows for pairing of online content at any time without any modification to offline content. This allows online content to be updated in real-time in response to user analytics. Image-based search and access for content publishers and educational institutions Content providers, publishers and educational institutions have large amounts of K-12 information to offer to students and educators. However it is difficult to provide access tosuch information in an easy-to-navigate, economical and secure manner. Traditionalmethods of content access and searching are slow and difficult for students and educators to use.

Customer Benefits

Students and educators can instantly access relevant learning resources simply through snapping a photo. Students and educators can also discover new education content and related knowledge concepts through a dynamic Machine Learning approach to K-12 education.

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