Image Recognition & Shopping On the Go Service

Technology Overview

We developed a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) solution that enables businesses such as hotels, sport venues, airports, gyms etc. to open virtual stores at any physical location, easily & inexpensively.
With a tailored mobile app, we make on-the-go shopping fast and easy. Shoppers can buy any product or service with our easy to use image and voice recognition tools. Scan the image with the app, and with one-click, buy it.

Technology Features & Specifications

Virtual store
Feature products and services dynamically based on the POS location, time and shopper’s profile.

Enterprise-grade solution
Flexible integration options to enable the deployment of a fully branded virtual store and companion native mobile app.

Scan to buy or voice command
A tailored mobile app to get a product detail page in your customers hand at the moment of intent.

Centralized backend tools
Real-time optimization to product mix leveraging real-time data, coupled with robust analytics & reporting on customers shopping habits.

Potential Applications

Convert any media, digital screen or print into a virtual storefront. We enable retailers and businesses to open virtual stores anytime, anyplace, with minimal investment, enabling stores to “pop up” wherever there is relevant traffic. This is made possible by using the app as a tool to make easy purchases by scanning the image of the product and clicking to buy.

Locations and media where app may be used include airlines and airports, sports venues, direct mail catalogs, trains, casinos, out of home advertising.


Market Trends and Opportunities

Paypal projected that globally, mobile commerce across 22 markets is estimated to grow from roughly US$102 billion in 2013 to roughly US$291 billion in 2016. 

Customer Benefits

Brands and retailers

Reach new audiences in new locations, generate incremental revenue stream, enable Endless-Aisle and Direct-to-Consumer sales, transform to a true Omni-Channel player, provide campaign measurement analytics into shopper behavior



  • To “Buy what I see, and what I want”
  • Accessible & relevant stores
  • Shopping process tailored for buying on-the-go
  • Convenience
  • Flexibility in fulfilment: ship home, pickup at store and more


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