Image Recognition Technology with Interactive QRCode

Technology Overview

This technology is an image recognition solution that can be used directly in users' platforms or through a cloud-based solution. It is available for various kinds of projects, which may be embedded within applications to be able to offer new user experiences. The technology works with any devices, when taking a photo of an object or poster image, the system immediately recognises and pops up cotent and media that was previously stored within the database. It is compatible with any kind of item, and therefore may be used in different industries for multiple purpose. For example, it can be used as an interactive product catalog for retail, or a material detection app for a construction project. Users can use this technology to recognize an image, a logo, a table or any other object.

Technology Features & Specifications

All kind of products

  • Compatible with any kind of item. Technology can recognize an image, a logo, a table or any other object.

Fast recognition

  • Analyzes and recognizes images in less than 5 seconds to offer users a seamless experience

Online and Offline

  • Technology works online and offline with the API and SDK versions

Scalable solution

  • Items database is scalable and allows to add as many items to be recognized

Realtime analytics 

  • Data from object recognition is analyzed and rendered as charts in an analytics dashboard accessible at any time.



API for online use

SDK version for both online and offline

Potential Applications

Examples include
  • Recognising painting in museums
  • Material scanning at construction sites
  • Product catalogue for retail
A market for this solution allowing for
  • Optimizing marketing performance
  • Increase customer interaction
  • Brand enhancement

Customer Benefits

  • Integration with other systems
  • Flexible cuztomisation
  • Easy deployment
  • APIs provided

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