Indoor Location - Way Finding Solution

Technology Overview

The company's indoor navigation solution is made of web and mobile app comprises of indoor location and mapping service. It is an easy-to-deploy solution suitable for different industries. The solution localises the position of the visitor inside a building, as well as the distance to other facilities around through the use of beacons.

The app can be integrated with add-on features to suit office or retail space need, including meeting room booking, facility maintenance alert and push notifications.

Technology Features & Specifications

Main features

  • Indoor navigation (GPS)
  • Geofencing and proximity detection
  • Travel and duration
  • Available in 3D and 2D vector maps
  • Flow analysis
  • Customer services

Other features

  • Meeting room booking
  • Alerts and push notifications
  • Any other custom requirements 

The app can be integrated with different platforms and installed in different screens such as kiosk. 

Potential Applications

The solution can potentially deploy in the following areas:

  • Airport
  • Mall
  • Office
  • Exhibition

Example: Airport deployment

For Managers

  • Get customer insights, analyze passenger flow
  • Increase passenger satisfaction
  • Send localized marketing notifications to increase traffic

For Passengers

  • Navigation towards gates and venues
  • Real-time flight information
  • Get notification when it is time to walk to the gate
  • Access targeted content

Market Trends and Opportunities

Indoor navigation is one of the most applicable and popular solutions for corporation offices, public location and retail indoors. The increasing employment of this solution in different fields showing its useful impact on property management. The company's indoor navigation product is competitive and well-positioned for different type of companies that wish to digitalise their facility and reduce human resources on routine tasks for better efficiency and improve visitor satisfaction.

Customer Benefits

  • Marketing
  • Product recommendation
  • Consumer insights

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