Innovations for High Yield and Sustainable Organic Farming

Technology Overview

The company represents engineering and biological innovative technologies which allow efficiently growing agricultural plants by organic methods, recover soil fertility, sustain biodiversity and still achieve high yields enough to feed growing population. The company collaborates with farmers, seeds and food manufacturers, providing seeds preparing and crop processing technology along with proprietary treatment of seeds and fields. Together we are producing high quality food for people and animals and work on recovery of fertile soil layer ruined by excessive application of agricultural chemicals. Both engineering and biological solutions are patented, successfully implemented in markets of Ukraine, Europe, Russia, Kazakhstan and fitting their unique niche in developing industry of organic farming and healthy nutrition.

Technology Features & Specifications

The company's technologies aim to create strong seeds and plants, healthy food and support soil regeneration.

The seeds and crop preparation machines select seeds with strongest embryo and highest content of nutrients for future plant. The seeds are coated with proprietary blend of components, such as sugar mix, natural soil nutrients, soil microorganisms, which gives to the developing embryo food and protection and helps it to grow into strong plant.

Young growing plants can experience unfavorable weather conditions or can be damaged by bacteria, fungi and insects. In a conditions of global warming, changes in rainfall map,and soil depletion, it is especially important to sow only those seeds which developes into the plant capable to survive in the unfavorable conditions. Plants that will give progeny for further reproduction and human food.

The choice to fight bacteria, fungi, insects and weed by chemicals is commonly used these days. But along with giving short-term easy solution, chemicals bring long-term consequences like disappearance of insects-pollinators (e.g. bees), death of soil probiotics, negative effect on farmer health and food quality. We treat the fields of growing plants with optimal combinations of the proprietary blend of microelements in easy-to-digest form combined with plant probiotics, giving nutrient for plant growth, enhancing its immune system, selectively affecting plant-damaging insects with no effect on pollinators, suppressing pathogenic bacteria and fungi.

Potential Applications

  • The seeds preparation and crop processing machines can be installed in fields of seeds or crop manufacturer. They are also available in mobile construction, when being installed on truck they can be used to provide service to small farmers on fields during harvesting.
  • The proprietary blend of nutrients can be used for any plants like agriculture plants, decorative flowers, rubber trees, lawn grass, etc. Biological safety of the components allows their usage as in small households as in big industrial farms.

Customer Benefits

  • By establishing collaboration with us, seeds manufacturers will increase seeds yield minimum by 20% and will produce seeds with higher germination and yield potential.
  • Commodity farms will get higher quality seeds and larger quantity of crop along with conservation and recovery of soil fertility.
  • Flower growers, rubber plantation owners and any person growing plants will get absolutely safe for human health organic fertilizers for faster and better plant development along with organic pesticides, fungicides, insecticides and anti-viral agents.
  • Food processing companies will get higher quality raw material, e.g. rice crop processed by the technology provider's equipment after harvesting gives higher outcome of head rice after polishing and lower outcome of broken rice.
  • Any consumer of food produced through the company's technology will get organic, balanced nutrients necessary for his health.

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