Innovative Air Terminal Units for Energy Efficiency

Technology Overview

The technology described herein is related to the development of air terminal units typically used in air distribution systems for regulating conditioned air within a commercial building. The technology provider has developed know-how in air terminal units design described below and is seeking for industry partners for technology commercialisation: 

Passive Thermosiphon Beam (PTB): The PTB is designed to be mounted above a fall duct near the ceiling. Chilled water flows through the heat exchanger and cools the air from the inlet grating. The cool air sinks inside the fall duct and enters the room through an air outlet at the bottom of the fall duct. After spreading out at the floor level, the cool air gradually heats up through heat exchanging with heat sources in the room. The cycle is completed when hot air rises up and enters the inlet grating.

Active Thermosiphon Beam (ATB): In the ATB, the primary air plenum receives the pretreated and pressurized primary air from a dedicated outdoor air system and is injected into the mixing chamber.  At the nozzle outlet, a low-pressure kernel is created as the primary air stream pressure is reduced, inducing secondary air into this area. A secondary water heat exchanger is imposed in the path of the secondary air where the secondary air is cooled/heated when passing through the coil. The re-conditioned secondary air then mixes with the primary air and is discharged into the space by means of linear slots located along the outside edges of the unit.

Technology Features & Specifications

The design of the novel air terminal units can achieve the following:

  • Energy efficient: reduced ventilation fan energy, flexible and independent control of indoor temperature and relative humidity (RH) setting
  • Higher efficiency: 15% to 20% higher chiller efficiency
  • Cost effective: low electricity bill, low maintenance cost
  • Better IEQ: better air flow distribution, improved thermal comfort
  • Space saving: 25% saving in terms of ceiling space

Potential Applications

The innovative air terminal units potentially provide sufficient cooling to large buildings and improve indoor thermal comfort especially for the tropics. This technology can be applied in the following areas: 

  • Commercial office buildings
  • Schools
  • Hospital patient rooms
  • Laboratories
  • Hotels
  • Industrial process factory
  • Precision equipment manufacturing plant


Customer Benefits

The innovative air terminal units potentially provide energy savings of up to 30% compare to conventional systems, and offer better indoor environment with low noise level. The cooling capacity of the air terminal units ranges between 1.8kW for passive thermosiphon beams and 2.4kW for active thermosiphon beams. Our innovative Air Terminal Units could deliver sensible cooling directly to spaces. With sensible cooling largely separated from ventilation, fresh air can be provided as needed to satisfy indoor air circulation requirements, greatly reducing the ventilation fan energy consumed to deliver cooling.

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