Innovative Food Preservation Solution

Technology Overview

The company has designed systems with energy saving technology to better manage storage of perishable products in a refrigerator, with the aim to preserve the quality of the food, reduce wastage from rotting. In addition, with their patented ionic technology, the solution improves the performance of food ripening process and provides quick & high-quality thawing using ultralong wave technology.

Technology Features & Specifications

This tech offer features two distinct technologies
1. Precise temperature management modules with patented negative ion.

This negative ion keeps fruits and vegetables longer. The company's negative ion are negative oxygen ions that have a strong redox effect that detroys the ativity of bacterial cell membrane or cell protoplast active enzymes to inhibit bacterial growth.

2. Ultalong wave technology.

This technology reduces loss of cell fluids and loss of flavour when frozen products are thawing. It uses electrostatic waves that regulates water molecules to achieve high-quality thawing.


Potential Applications

The technology can be applied, but not limited, to the following sectors:
1. Hotel kitchens;
2. Chain restaurants;
3. Food R&D centres/labs;
4. Supermarkets (retailor);
5. Wholesalers;
6. DC storage;
7. Cold chain shipment;
8. Food production facilities;

The company is also open to collaborate with companies who would like to deploy the technology in other applications that is not mentioned above.

Market Trends and Opportunities

There is a huge market potential the solution can be applied to anywhere where good quality and safe storage of foods are required. Cilents will benefit as they will be confident that the foods they are providing to their customers are safe and in better quality.

Customer Benefits

Customers can benefit from the following:
1. Food quality preservation extension (increase food life of 30~60 days);
2. Food wastage due to rotting (reduction of 20%~30%);
3. Energy consumption (reduction of 20%);
4. AI analysis for Sales & Marketing & Operations.

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