Innovative Multi-Parameter Real Time Water Quality Monitoring

Technology Overview

This innovative technology is the solution of choice for applications where real time, continuous monitoring of the overall stability of the water quality is crucial. Common online sensors were developed to monitor process parameters, and are insensitive to many types of chemicals that can contaminate the water. Using such sensors for event monitoring gives a false sense of security. This sensor platform is specifically designed to detect any type of chemical contamination in the water at the earliest stage and stronglyoutperforms traditional sensor technologies in the detection of contaminations. It is ideally suited for a wide range of applications, such as water security, early warning system for integrity and security in the distribution network, e.g. detection of accidental back-flow events as well as intentional contaminations, monitoring process stability at the water treatment plant, monitoring for cross-connections. It is suitable for both stand-alone and networked solutions, both wireless and wired (SCADA), and comes as a complete package including cloud-base user interface and advanced data processing. The technology have been used by clients all over the world, including Europe, Asia Pacific and the Middle East. Large clients include launching partners Vitens (largest utility in the Netherlands) and Public Utilities Board (Singapore). The company is looking for customers for its unique and awarded water monitoring solutions, and for partners to help develop the market for its products further.

Technology Features & Specifications

The innovative system is the only real-time water quality sensor on the market today that can detect the full scope of contaminants in drinking water using a single sensor. Using a measurement approach based on refractive index, it allows the monitoring of deviations in overall water quality, and detecting anomalies water composition. By doing this is break with the traditional approach of water quality monitoring, which focuses on the analysis of a small number of specific parameters. The new, generic approach has been shown to be much more effective, outperforming state-of-the-art water quality sensors in comparative experiments by a factor of 6. The sensor system is also in line with the new EU directives on water quality monitoring (due in 2018) where focus will shift from compound monitoring to a water safety plan oriented approach. The sensor system is a robust and sensitive solution for real-time continuous monitoring of water quality. It features: Overall stability of the water quality captured in a single parameter Generic sensor covers full scope of all possible chemical contaminations. Early warning: real-time detection and automated alerting of water quality incidents High sensitivity Optical measurement method (refractive index) ensures robustness and long-time stability Low-maintenance: no calibration, no reagents Wireless data transmission and cloud based network overview SCADA connectivity (MODBUS RTU, other protocols on request) Suitable for stand-alone applications and for high-density sensor networks

Potential Applications

The sensor technology is the solution of choice for applications where real time, continuous monitoring of the overall stability of the water quality is crucial; whether it is water security, early warning of change in water quality and stability, the control of process stability at the treatment plant, detection of back-flow events in the network, mapping of the dynamics in the network (e.g. to identify pipe sections that need maintenance), or the monitoring of erroneous cross-connections in dual-pipe systems. With a complete overview of the water quality throughout the distribution network – and immediate notification on sudden changes – you will be able to proactively inform the customers of problems, and competently communicate with them about their worries and water quality problems when they contact you. Typical customers use the system for a combination of the applications described below: Monitoring in (smart) drinking water networks Monitoring stability distribution process Incident reporting & monitoring (EWS) Critical asset / infrastructure monitoring Monitoring at treatment plants Monitoring stability of treatment process (effluent monitoring) Monitoring of water intake Incident reporting Global Remote Asset Monitoring system

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