Innovative & Sustainable Aquaculture 4.0 Floating Fish Farm

Technology Overview

Accommodating deployment concepts in varying water and weather conditions at various depths, from lakes, coastal to deep sea sites, the developed technology, an innovative patent pending design, enables Aquaculture 4.0 across full value chain of Smart Farming, Processing and Distribution, by innovative use of: 

1) Maritime & Digital Technology

A flexible Novel Offshore Advanced Hull system (NOAH), which can be of various shapes and materials, holds close-contained cultivation tanks with the latest aquaculture systems, sensors and equipment under weather-proof shelter, allowing Internet of Things connectivity for block chain technology, automation and digitalization, for much shorter food mileage and true unbroken cold-chain management of fresh and reliable food fish.  

2) Aquaculture & Water Technology

Tailor-made water treatment system with ozone sterilization and oxygenation allows precise aquaculture for better biological food conversion ratio and higher stock density with minimal disease outbreak. Cultivation tanks are equipped with automatic self-cleaning systems and technology for filtration and treatment of the effluent, enabling sustainable large-scale aquaculture.

3) Resource Saving & Green Energy

Low delivery head of inlet water pumps and outlet discharge by gravitational siphonic action enables low energy utilization. Automation and remote monitoring eliminate laborious work like manual cleaning, vaccination, feeding and sorting. Solar cells and possibly hydrogen cell, wind and underwater current electric generators keep energy costs minimal. 

Technology Features & Specifications

This technology is suitable for inland lakes, near-shore coastal seas, rivers and its estuaries, It provides safe and attractive working space and holistic environmental management. Closed containment through NOAH and flexibility to stop water ingress during contamination, to continue functioning as a recirculation system, allows reliable and efficient industrial farming.

The technology platform is 6 times more productive than net cage farming in yield per hectare sea space, and 2.5 times more productive than land-based multi-tiered Recirculation Aquaculture System (RAS). Lower CAPEX compared with RAS and lower OPEX compared with net cage technology means strong commercial competitiveness.

Potential Applications

Primary Area of Application – Bring On-shore farming (land-based) to Offshore

  • Suitable for aquaculture and mariculture industry
  • Applicable for fresh, brackish, and sea water / benign to harsh water
  • Inland – lakes, ponds, estuaries; offshore – near shore, in-shore and open sea
  • Applicable for all stages of fish production (including hatchery and extended nursery)
  • Supports wide range of food species production
  • Availability of 2nd tier platform for post-harvest and other facilities

Secondary Area of Application

  • Research and development – vaccines, fish nutrition and brood stock selection
  • Efficient production of health products – vitamin, fish omega oil, fish collagen, etc. – and cosmetic products
  • Test breeding of endangered species
  • Education and training facilities
  • Hospitality and eco-tourism

Customer Benefits

Social Benefits

  1. Strong food fish safety and quality
  2. Secure supply of food fish at affordable prices
  3. Greater employment – higher skilled aqua culturists in an improved workplace

Economic Benefits

  1. High productivity
  2. Feed saving from better food conversion ratio
  3. Energy saving from low energy consumption
  4. Labour saving from automation and mechanization
  5. OPEX saving from low mortality and closed containment that eliminates risk of fish escaping
  6. System can last more than 20 years

Environmental Benefits

  1. Ecologically friendly design
  2. Use of green energy
  3. Potential for breeding endangered species

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