Integrated Mobility Network for Smart Cities

Technology Overview

Enabling mobility and transportation providers to supply their customers with more transparency and efficiency. Optimizing public and private investment in service quality. We assist cities and regional authorities during the implementation of sustainable integrated mobility measures. Enabling mobility even without owning a private car. Cities, businesses and customers are confronted with a growing complexity of mobility offers. Agendas and motives as CO2 reduction, economic efficiency and convenience create demand for transparent, user-centric mobility solutions with easy access. We offer a developed an integrated mobility (IMO) solution joining all available means of transport and mobility offers on one single platform. Its an innovative toolbox dealing with a variety of transport operators, complexity of ticket purchase processes and a variety of tariff schemes. The IMO platform is highly scalable and able to integrate all related services from both internal and external service providers. Type of partner: - Transport operators (private and public) and authorities - Cities, municipalities and regional who want to provide MaaS - IT system integrators active in the mobility domain - Consulting agencies focusing on advising stakeholders mentioned above Partnerships we are seeking: commercial agreements, license agreements, technical cooperation, JV agreements. - Strategic partnership: cooperation agreement which could lead to a joint venture agreement. - Implementation partnership: implement the partner specifically branded mobility solution - Consulting partnership: provision of expertise for consulting or technical projects.

Technology Features & Specifications

The integrated mobility solution encompasses an IMO platform (Integrated Mobility Platform) and the IMO client (end-user application for iOS and Android). The IMO client enables the end-user to deal with intermodal mobility in an easy manner (routing, ticket purchase, reservation/booking, management of user profile, etc.). The solution represents the first platform to also facilitate booking and payment (including clearing). The IMO platform is highly scalable and able to integrate all related services from both internal and external service providers and handle critical transactions with end-user applications and partner services. It unites extensive methodological expertise, domain knowledge, serves as a basis for efficient development and operation of mobility information services. It facilitates rapid data collection, processing and providing up-to-date information from different source systems. From a technical perspective by providing central access to all mobility offerings, the IMO platform is furthermore also the fundament for any Mobility-as-a-Service offer realized within the next months and years. Thereby, it definitely paves the way towards a more sustainable mobility eco-system by enabling mobility even without owning a private car (i.e. by also enabling car sharing platforms and other collaborative transport forms). While competing platforms only offer intermodal routing and pricing information, this platform is the first that includes comprehensive booking and payment operations (ticketing and clearing). It supports different payment systems, integrates ticket shops and can be linked to mobility cards (including RFID, NFC).

Potential Applications

Our customers can be distinguished by Transport Service Povider (TSP), Platform Serice Operator (PSO) and Mobility Service Provider (MSP). Moreover, the integrated mobility solution provides the following innovative features: - Intermodal routing When calculating routes, it takes into account urban and intercity public transport, car sharing, bike sharing, the user's own car and bike as well as taxis. For every route suggestion the service lists the duration of the journey, price and environmental footprint. - Ticket booking and purchase With the transport means chosen, tickets can be bought directly via the app. They are displayed clearly in the app for the user to present in case of a ticket inspection. Car and bike sharing as well as taxi rides can also be paid via the app. Billing takes place via credit card at the end of the month. - Mobility services nearby For spontaneous route planning, the IMO provides information on mobility services in the user's vicinity. For example, the location of unused city bikes, the availability of car sharing vehicles and the next public transport departure are shown in real time. Currently available mobility services can be displayed both as a list or on a map. - Personal mobility profile Via the app, the user can save personal data for route and price calculations. This includes season tickets for public transport or memberships for bike and car sharing. Furthermore, personal vehicles like bike or car can be saved and taken into account during route planning as well.

Customer Benefits

Mobility as a Service makes travelling for users and passengers as convenient as possible. The IMO solution provides a mobility service enabling A to B journey planning on an intermodal level, intermodal ticket purchases as well as booking of all integrated modes of transport. The mobility platform thereby acts as the market place for transport and thus, also fundaments a Mobility-as-a-Service solution. Customer benefits through: - transparency of accessibility - transparency of cost - Cost efficiency - Easy Access to all mobility information - Increased Accessibility for challenged customers regarding transportation - Sustainable choice of mobility - Matching transportation with indicators on living, working and leisure - Mobility usage according lifestyle and attitude

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