Interactive Floor Piano System

Technology Overview

This technology offer is an interactive floor piano that can be used as an interesting tool to teach music. It also doubles up as a healthy lifestyle exercise device. With its musical capabilities, the device adds fun and increases engagement during exercise. The device has the following features:

•    Floor-based piano-like layout for musical interface

•     Customized piano songs to suit any applications

•     Tempo control to adjust the speed of the song being played

•     Easy to assemble and set up

•     Portable and space saving

This technology is available for licensing.

Technology Features & Specifications

1.  Ring Tone Text Transfer Language (RTTTL) platform that allows any piano musical chords and songs to be composed and programmed into the floor piano.

2.  Original electronic circuit and printed circuit board design of the floor piano system.

3.  Firmware program codes.

4.  Android-based phone app control the interactive floor piano system.

5.  Unique application design to configure piano keyboard to function as musical spectrum equalizer display in the “Music” mode.

6.  Possible development whereby any piano songs can be composed and played back through a smartphone to the floor piano instead of pre-programmed into system.

 System features:

- Multi-colour lighting display according to the frequency spectrum of music being played.

- 5 extended real drum set sounds

- 100 real musical instrument sounds

- 100 percussion instrument sounds

- 20 demonstration musical titles

- Built-in MP3 player allows songs to be stored in SD card and can be played in “Music Mode”

Potential Applications

The interactive floor piano system can be used in the following areas:

  • Teaching tool - a valuable teaching tool for learning of music in a fun way; it can be used to teach children music.
  • Entertainment - it can be used by businesses, shopping malls, or retail outlets to draw customers to their shops. It can be used as a musical performance tool for staff function, e.g. annual dinner and dance function.
  • Health promotion - the floor piano allows a good aerobic workout for users.
  • Memory training - fun way to engage users in memorizing the musical notes for a specific song when played in the “Teach” mode.

Market Trends and Opportunities

Recent evidence suggests that music-based movement (MbM) therapy may be a promising intervention to improve gait and gait-related activities in Parkinson's disease (PD) patients, because it naturally combines cognitive movement strategies, cueing techniques, balance exercises and physical activity while focusing on the enjoyment of moving with music instead of the current mobility limitations of the patient. 

Some possible applications include the following:

  1. Deployed in shopping malls, or retail outlets to draw customers.
  2. Used as a musical performance tool for the entertainment scene.
  3. Used in childcare centers for children e.g., less than 8 years old.
  4. Used in eldercare and healthcare institutions for gait activities and training.


Customer Benefits

  • Complete design solutions ready for product commercialization
  • Technical knowledge in customization to users’ needs
  • Low cost prototype development
  • Firmware development to the system’s need

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