Interactive Segmentation Toolbox

Technology Overview

Interactive Segmentation Toolbox is a comprehensive toolbox designed for developers. The underlying algorithm is interfaced with easy-to-use APIs for people with no or limited image processing background. With a few function calls, developers can create their own interactive image segmentation applications effortlessly. As developers ourselves, we understand the importance of making it simple. The installation only requires one library, while the QT UI is shipped together to demonstrate user interaction integration.

Technology Features & Specifications

In this release, we have packaged the source code for QT-based graphical user interface as well as the library API. Developers can easily integrate the UI and the segmentation library into their own project for either standalone application or web application development.  Two levels of segmentation are provided for better segmentation accuracy and enhanced user experience: Active Contours - You mark the foreground and background using a few simple line strokes, and the algorithm automatically highlights your foreground image. Livewire - If more delicate selection is required, the livewire tool helps you to refine the outline of your foreground image, for a more accurate result.

Potential Applications

The potential applications include medical image segmentation, graphical editing, art design, photo editing, mobile applications, web applications etc. 

Market Trends and Opportunities

Image segmentation is one of the most common operations involved in the computational analysis of objects from images, and very often it is the first important step of image processing and analysis. Images are one of the largest drivers of referral traffic on social media today. Pinterest generates 4x more revenue per click than Twitter and 27% more per click than Facebook. More innovative visual applications are set to transform the way images are utilized, understood and analysed.  The image segmentation toolbox we offer is an important tool for future app developers and companies to fully capitalize on that potential.  

Customer Benefits

Intuitive user interface Fast integration with any existing development framework Robust and accurate performance on the segmentation Flexibility for the users to fine tune and optimize the result

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