Invisible Code

Technology Overview

To transmit information, varous barcodes are currently used. Barcodes, such as Quick Response code (QR code) or SPARQCode is a machine-readable optical label that contains information about the item to which it is attached. Certainly code is useful for the purpose of transmitting information which is not included in product label, package, or product itself. However, those codes are obviously visible and could affect the appearance of the product. In addition, the visible code can be duplicated very easily. As a result, the information which producer intends toconvey reaches someone who is NOT theintendedtargetof the producer. This technology solves above mentioned problems.Our technologyallows users to embedcode in images invisibly. The code thereforeis difficult to be duplicatedcompared toother codes. What's more, the code does not mess up the design of the image to which the code applied.

Technology Features & Specifications

The technologyembedscodein imagesinvisibly. Therefore this technology is of valuetodesigners who care aboutappearanceoftheir products.Not only that,this can be utilised in cases where information is to be providedsecurely,as this technology allows only users who knowthat theimage actually contains the code, toobtain the relevantinformation.

Potential Applications

1)This technologycan be applied to exchanginginformation on the Internet safely.The code is readable only to those who know it contains code. 2) This technologycan beapplied in the use case where animageis able totransmit several pieces ofinformationat one go. For example, some information is visibleto ONLY a machine, and other information is human-readable.

Customer Benefits

The code which is generated with this technology is 1) not able to be duplicated. 2) easy toblend inwith theproduct design and look. 3) able to be embeded onto any kind of image.

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