IoT HUB Solution for Water-Flow Monitoring

Technology Overview

An Internet of Things real-time system that monitors the water consumption of toilet facilities in a facility to supplement its Building Management Systems (BMS). At the core of this system are water sensors that can unobtrusively keep track of water-flow volume and temperature. As connected devices, these sensors are integrated to an IoT Smart gateway to enable both local and remote monitoring and analytics capabilities. The IoT Hub Solution for Water-Flow Monitoring, as an integrated system empowers building owners and management the oversight of utility consumption like never before. With an analytics engine running in the background, usage patterns can be established, water pressures optimised and contingency alerts like leakages can be addressed before utility costs even become an issue. The system consists of: Wifi connected water sensors, A SMART IoT gateway Server with analytics software Remote monitoring devices like mobile phone and desktop computer

Technology Features & Specifications

The technical features and specifications are indicated in the process flow figure above. The advantages of the IoT HUB Solution for Water-Flow Monitoring are: Real-time insights into the consumption level, enabling quick reaction time. Data analytics abilities giving various views into longer-term usage patterns and habits, enabling smarter resource planning. Immediate emergency alerts like leakages and outages. A complimentary system to existing BMS, therefore lowering capital investment while allowing full ROI for existing BMS.

Potential Applications

IoT HUB Solution for Water-Flow Monitoring can be applied to: Factories and Manufacturing Facilities - ideal for wastewater management, water-flow and additional IoT sensors may be added to track that the output remains within regulations, or recycled inputs are within specifications. Public Institutions - compliments and reinforces water conservation efforts Private Commercial Facilities- provides surveillance for a long-term redesign of water-distribution throughout a facility for cost effectiveness.

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