IoT Platform Using Wireless Power Transfer

Technology Overview

This technology offer is a Wireless Power Network (WPN) that provides seamless wireless power and high-quality data integration, without the need for batteries, power cabling, or data cabling infrastructure. 

A wireless power network gateway makes use of long-range radiofrequency (RF) wireless power transfer to power up remote receiver devices and communicate data to them, with up to a 55-meter range, providing a truly wireless IoT infrastructure with minor maintenance required.

Technology Features & Specifications

The Gateway specifications:

  • Covers 32 receiver devices
  • Multichannel beamforming, up to 16 channels
  • Range of up to 55m
  • Connectivity support for Modbus, BACnet & Web services

The Receiver specifications:

  • Edge computation with ARM Cortex-M4
  • 3-axis accelerometer, microphone, temperature, pressure, humidity & Total Volatile Organic Compounds (TVOC)
  • Transmission rate of up to 5Hz
  • Proprietary encryption + AES 128

Potential Applications

This platform provides a solution that is scalable, and is specifically built for smart buildings, logistics, manufacturing, and data centres, where large-scale sensor deployments are necessary. The platform’s wireless power transfer system has in-built edge computing capabilities coupled with temperature, humidity, air pressure, 3-axis vibration, sound and TVOC sensors.

Customer Benefits

With existing wired IoT sensor deployments, a sizeable amount of budget and deployment time is required for installation and cabling. This wireless power network platform provides wireless-power sensor deployments, which can reduce the complexity of wiring infrastructure and deployment time, as well as cabling and installation cost.

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