IoT Solutions for Commercial Applications

Technology Overview

The hardware being designed and developed is an advanced and complex engineering device utilizing a patented technology. This technology simplifies the transfer and learning of device functions into a simple touch action for the user. With an NFC-enabled mobile phone, the hardware is detected automatically and a user interface contextualized to the device functions will be displayed to the user who can then use it to control and display information about the device.The deployment of this hardware for commercial IoT applications offers distinct advantages over current offerings. At the same time, it is designed to provide a modular plug-and-play configuration, so that users can plug in different modules based on a particular use case.

  • Patented single touch deployment using smart devices
  • Able to operate in Standalone mode as well as Cloud mode
  • Re-usable, plug-and-play multipurpose, multi-use sensor platform
  • Highly scalable architecture, up to 1000 sensors on a single IoT network
  • Customizable front-end to meet unique business needs and processes

Technology Features & Specifications

The unique value propositions are as follows:

  • Highly robust industrial design sensor hub solutions
  • Rapid deployment of sensors in the field with little or no system configuration needed
  • Re-usable, plug-and-play multi-purpose sensor platform solution that allows quick modification and adaptation of the sensors for different applications.
  • Highly scalable architecture, up to 1,000 sensors on a single IoT network

Potential Applications

The 4 key addressable markets we intend to enable consists of (1) existing technology services providers, (2) repetitive, labour intensive, technology challenged businesses, (3) big enterprises, (4) government and municipals. The applications may include:

  • Cold Chain & Refrigeration Management
  • Energy Management
  • Asset Management
  • Cleaning Services Management
  • Building Management
  • Data Centre Management
  • Retail Management

Customer Benefits

We allow our partners to white label all our solutions to fit into their products and services. This provides significant value to our partners and allows them to maximize their customers success by enabling them to:

  • Build new services
  • Develop new revenue sources & business models
  • Enhance customer satisfaction
  • Accelerate time-to-market
  • Industrial design and manufacturing

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