Kaya Palate - A Twist of the Traditional Singaporean Food

Technology Overview

The concept seeks to modernise traditional foods to attract more young adults and youths to consume pre-packaged local foods. The product comprises of a series of different flavoured and coloured kaya for a new eating experience, presenting Singaporean food in a new and refreshing manner.

Technology Features & Specifications

The pre-packaged food combines innovations in the formulation through the use of naturally flavoured and coloured ingredients coupled with a unique packaging format to deliver a local spread. The kaya will be processed using technology to impart shelf stability to ease storage under ambient conditions. 

Potential Applications

  • Pre-packaged snack or light meal
  • Gift/souvenir set

Market Trends and Opportunities

The busy lifestyle of the current consumers has resulted in a continuous declining trend for formal mealtimes whilst snacks and quick meal solutions has been on the rise. In Asia, food has often been the central space for social media, hence powering growth in the development of visually appealing foods. Creativity in snacks or light meals that are boldly coloured or artfully presented has gained its popularity since.

Customer Benefits

Consumers who would like to eat local Singaporean food, but reimagined a whole new eating experience. Its unique presentation format also qualifies the product as an iconic gift/souvenir set from Singapore for overseas visitors.

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