Knowledge Worker Automation with Artificial Intelligence

Technology Overview

We are a global leader in Artificial Intelligence (AI), specialising in transforming completely unstructured information to valuable knowledge. Our cutting-edge technology solutions apply far beyond just Machine Learning, allowing us to contextualise information more accurately – without requiring a large amount of data to ‘learn’. Having a highly technical team comprising of 8 PhD holders, we possess deep expertise in AI and are right at the forefront of this field. For businesses, wefundamentally solve information access problems, transforming information to valuable knowledge. For their customers, this meansease of access to information, empowering them to make better decisions and of course, lesser frustrating moments with inefficient customer service.

Technology Features & Specifications

iMatchis an information extraction tool that is able to automate any task involving a human reading documents. This ranges from 'know your customer'(KYC)/on-boarding KYC/on-boarding, International Swaps and Derivatives Association (ISDA)/Credit Support Annex (CSA), trade finance, to due diligence and contractual review. For instance, the cost of corporate client on-boarding in a largeglobalbank in Europe was decreased by 85% and the processing time was reduced from 2 weeks to just 7 minutes.

iConverse is a Virtual Assistant far superior than a typical chatbot.Featuring call deflection rates of up to 93%, it is focused on matching and understanding the meaning and context of users’ queries rather than characters, allowing users to communicate freely. our iConverse also enables users to authenticate themselves through the platform and perform transactions such as making apersonalised queryand submitting insurance claims.

iSearch is an enterprise-grade search engine that goes far beyond keyword searches- one can conduct a homogenous search across multiple databases (e.g. intranet, document management system, or an external web server) and pull out relevant document(s) based onrelevancyand themeaningof the content of these documents.

Potential Applications

The potential applications for our iMatch, iConverse and iSearch technologies are endless. We have garnered interest across industries particularly in the government and financial services sector, including financial institutions and insurance companies. With our AI-powered solutions, companies can drastically reduce costs, improve efficiency and ultimately result in an increase in sales and customer satisfaction.

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