Laryngoscope Blade with Adjustable Blade Curvature

Technology Overview

The laryngoscopy blade is used to facilitate endotracheal intubation. It is also a lifesaving procedure for obtunded patients who are unable to maintain an open airway. Due to certain anatomical features, some patients experience more difficulties during intubation. As such, many types of laryngoscopy blades with different blade curvatures are available to overcome a difficult airway. However, the trial and error method often results in delays of intubation and increased risk of airway trauma for patients.

A one-in-all laryngoscopy blade with an altering curvature that provides a dynamic change in blade angle to facilitate endotracheal intubation for all kinds of airways is the proposed solution. It will improve the productivity and reduce patient risk of undergoing the intubation procedure.    

Technology Features & Specifications

We proposed a laryngoscope featuring an adjustable curvature with video assistive features and display screen.  The laryngoscope is made up of three parts; the holding frame which houses the electronic sub-system, laryngoscope handle featuring manual hand brake, and an adjustable laryngoscope blade with three blade segments. 

The device consists of a real-time monitoring function with LED light illumination that allows doctors to perform adjustment to the laryngoscope curvature without having to remove the entire device. A built-in mechanism that allows adjustment and alternation between two degrees of curvatures most commonly used in the hospital is another feature that eliminates time delays arising from repeated trials and reduces risk for patients.

Potential Applications

The targeted application for this device is for patients who require endotracheal intubation. It accounts for more than 50% of all operations performed daily by anesthetists, to facilitate the insertion of a breathing tube for mechanical ventilation of sedated patients.  Emergency medical staff and paramedics also perform this procedure when required.

Customer Benefits

With the capability of adjusting the curvature of the laryngoscope during the intubation process, it eliminates time delay that may result in an increased risk of oxygen starvation and irreversible brain damage in sedated patients. The ability to allow dynamic adjustment within the patient’s mouth cavity also increases the success rate of intubation and thus increases the confidence of both the patient and the anesthetist. In turn, there will be a reduction in additional equipment usage, decreased cost and improved productivity.

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